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Guardian of the Gauntlet is based on the Parable of the Talents.

Camari and Mila, two princesses from the cold and remote kingdom of Harroway, are fascinated when their friend, Prince Denir of the kingdom of Thalon, shows them a special gauntlet, which is capable of great deeds when worn by one who believes in a higher power.

One day he turns Camari invisible – but doesn’t have a chance to reverse the spell before he is called off to war. To make things even worse, Bogwina, an enchanted bog witch, and a wicked magician named Mecandel conspire to steal the gauntlet.

With Prince Isryk of Bredin as her guide, Camari’s journey takes her through the through the wetlands of Fremil, and encounters many awful creatures along the way.

After an arduous journey, Camari at last discovers that she has been given a great gift by her higher power.

Read an excerpt from Guardian of the Gauntlet:

“What’s that?” asked Mila.

“It’s the Gauntlet of Galilee. My father gave it to me last week on my twentieth birthday. It’s always given to the second born, but my father was an only child, so he had it. This isn’t just an ordinary gauntlet, either. It has special powers, which can be controlled by the mind. And not just anyone can do it. It takes a strong belief, both in yourself and in a higher power, and concentration. The gauntlet is merely a vessel through which the belief works. Without belief, the gauntlet is powerless.”

“And of course you have all that,” said Mila, challenging him.

“I’ll show you,” he said. He lifted his hand toward the sky and closed his eyes. A white streak of light shot from the gauntlet and into a cloud. Snow began to fall from the cloud.

“Ooh, it’s snowing,” Camari announced with surprise. She stepped beneath the cloud and held her hands out to catch the flakes, which melted before she caught them.

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  1. Guardian of the Gauntlet is an imaginative story and fun to read. A real page turner! This children’s fantasy reminds me of when I read the Chronicles of Narnia books.

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